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The Naval Research Laboratory at Stennis Space Center

NRL's Ocean Dynamics and Prediction Branch (NRL 7320) performs basic and applied research in computer modeling of ocean hydro/thermodynamics (i.e., ocean circulation and density structure), modeling of ice dynamics, computational numerical techniques, data assimilation, and the analysis of satellite oceanographic data as related to the development of modeling and data assimilation capabilities. This branch translates the results of basic and applied research into accurate, scientifically valid, environmental models and analyses and streamlines these models into operational, data assimilative, nowcast/forecast systems. These systems cover deep ocean basins, marginal and semi-enclosed seas, and coastal regions. Expanded ocean physics included in such systems and areas for future branch research and development include ocean tide and wave modeling as well as upper ocean processes. Research in computational techniques includes the study of efficient solutions to partial differential equations arising in oceanography with a special focus on efficient utilitization of massively parallel processing technology. Our nowcast/forecast and simulation systems have broad and direct application to issues related to Naval operations (ASW, Search and Rescue, Amphibious Landing, Mine and Special Warfare, Mission Planning, etc.), simulation and design of Global (and Local) Ocean Observing Systems (GOOS), and many facets of the Ocean Prediction Challenge.

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