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1/32° Global NLOM Nowcast/Forecast

Please note: This website is no longer being updated. Global NLOM has been retired and replaced by the 1/12° Global HYCOM nowcast/forecast system. Interested users should transition to the 1/12° global HYCOM web page

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Results depicted on these web pages are from the operational 1/32° global NLOM nowcast/forecast system. This system became operational on 6 Mar 2006 as an upgrade to the 1/16° global NLOM system that ran operationally at NAVOCEANO from 27 Sep 2001 - 5 Mar 2006. Overall, the 1/16° NLOM ran in real-time 18 Oct 2000 - 11 Mar 2006 and was discontinued 12 Mar 2006 and the 1/32° NLOM has been running in real time or near real time since 1 Nov 2003 and these results are archived on the corresponding web pages along with hindcast results extending back to 1993, mostly on the 1/16° NLOM web page. The model presently is assimilating SSH from 3 satellite altimeters (ENVISAT, GFO and JASON-1) and sea surface temperature from satellite IR imagery. Altimeter track data over a 3-day window are assimilated each day. Nowcasts are run daily and 30-day forecasts are presently run once per week.

Satellite data

Comparison with independent unassimilated real-time in situ data

Selected publications using the NRL Layered Ocean Model (NLOM)

NLOM Live Access Server (LAS)

NLOM Live Access Server (LAS) (alternate)

(Primary LAS server hosted at NRL, alternate server hosted at U. Hawaii)

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