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Navy Coastal Ocean Model (NCOM)

1/8° Global NCOM Publications

Martin, P. J., J. W. Book, D. M. Burrage, C. D. Rowley and M. Tudor, 2009:
    Comparison of model-simulated and observed currents in the central Adriatic during DART
   Journal of Geophysical Research vol 114, C01S05, doi:10.1029/2008JC004842

Coelho, E., G. Peggion, C. Rowley, G. A. Jacobs, R. Allard and E. Rodriguez, 2009:
    A note on NCOM temperature forecast error calibration using the ensemble transform
    Journal of Marine Systems vol 78 S272-281

Martin, P. J., C. N. Barron, L. F. Smedstad, T. J. Campbell, A. J. Wallcraft, R. C. Rhodes, C. Rowley, T. L. Townsend and S. N. Carroll, 2009:
    User's Manual for the Navy Coastal Ocean Model (NCOM) version 4.0
    NRL Report NRL/MR/7320--09-9151

Using model drifter trajectories to evaluate NCOM assimilation strategies
Barron, C. N., L. F. Smedstad, J. M. Dastugue and O. M. Smedstad, 2007:
    Evaluation of ocean models using observed and simulated drifter trajectories:Impact of sea surface height on synthetic profiles for data as similation
    Journal of Geophysical Research, 12 doi:101029/2006JC003982

Validation Test Report for the 1/8 Global Navy Coastal Ocean Model Nowcast/Forecast System
Barron, C. N., A. B. Kara, R. C. Rhodes, C. Rowley, L. F. Smedstad, 2006:
    Validation Test Report for the 1/8 Global Navy Coastal Ocean Model Nowcast/Forecast System
   NRL Tech Report ,NRL/MR/7320--07-9019

NCOM formulation, GNCOM setup and free-running ocean model validation
Barron, C.N., A.B. Kara, P.J. Martin, R.C. Rhodes, and L.F. Smedstad, 2006:
    Formulation, implementation and examination of vertical coordinate choices in the global Navy Coastal Ocean Model (NCOM).
    Ocean Modelling, 11(3-4), 347-375, doi:10.1016/j.ocemod.2005.01.004.

GNCOM press release
Barron, C. N.
    First Global Ocean Model Developed at NRL Stennis
   Labstracts September 2006

GNCOM general operational ocean model validtation with SST, SSS, eddy kinetic energy, temperature, salinity, MLD
Kara, A.B., C.N. Barron, P.J. Martin, L.F. Smedstad, and R.C. Rhodes, 2006:
    Validation of interannual simulations from the 1/8° Global Navy Coastal Ocean Model (NCOM).
   Ocean Modelling, 11(3-4), 376-398, doi:10.1016/j.ocemod.2005.01.003.

GNCOM as part of a ocean model evatuation using ocean color
Chassignet, E.P., H.E. Hurlburt, O.M. Smedstad, C.N. Barron, D.S. Ko, R.C. Rhodes, J.F. Shriver, A.J. Wallcraft, and R.A. Arnone, 2005:
    Assessment of data assimilative ocean models in the Gulf of Mexico using ocean color.
    In Circulation in the Gulf of Mexico: Observations and Models, W. Sturges and A. Lugo-Fernandez, eds.,Geophysical Monograph Series 161, AGU, Washington, 87-100.

GNCOM ocean model evaluation of gulf stream transport
Mooers, C. S. Meinen, M. O. Baringer, I. Bang, R. Rhodes, C. N. Barron, and F. Bub, 2005:
    Cross validating ocean prediction and monitoring systems.
    EOS, 86(29), 269-273.

GNCOM ocean model validation of SSH, significance of inverse barometer effect
Barron, C.N., A.B. Kara, H.E. Hurlburt, C. Rowley, and L.F. Smedstad, 2004:
    Sea surface height predictions from the global Navy Coastal Ocean Model (NCOM) during 1998-2001.
    Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology, 21(12), 1876-1894.

GNCOM ocean model overview and some validation for less technical audience
Barron, C.N., R.C. Rhodes, L.F. Smedstad, P.J. Martin, and A.B. Kara, 2003:
    Global Ocean Nowcasts and Forecasts with the Navy Coastal Ocean Model (NCOM).
    2003 NRL Review, 175-178.

global river inflow climatology for ocean models, used in GNCOM
Barron, C.N. and L.F. Smedstad, 2002:
    Global river inflow within the navy coastal ocean model.
    Proceedings, MTS/IEEE Oceans 2002 Conference, 29 October 2002, Biloxi, MS, 1472-1479.

Navy real-time global ocean modeling systems including NLOM, MODAS and NCOM
Rhodes, R.C., H.E. Hurlburt, A.J. Wallcraft, C.N. Barron, P.J. Martin, E.J. Metzger, J.F. Shriver, and D.S. Ko, 2002:
    Navy real-time global modeling systems.
    Oceanography, 15, 29-43.

Overview of ocean model assimilation and prediction being developed in global NCOM
Rowley, C.D., C.N. Barron, L.F. Smedstad and R.C. Rhodes, 2002:
    Real-time ocean data assimilation and prediction with global NCOM.
    Proceedings, MTS/IEEE Oceans 2002 Conference, 29 October 2002, Biloxi, MS, 781-786.

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